Research Grants

Conference grants for Early Stage Researchers

In order to be eligible for this grant, it is required that the oral contribution of the ESR is accepted for presentation to an international conference.

The grant can be used to cover travel and subsistence costs, conference fees, and the costs of conference workshops.

The selection process is made by written procedure (see COST 212/07, Annex 4):

  • a written application (through the COST Office) will be submitted to the Executive group the Domain Committee via the Chair of the Action. The application will contain the following information:
    • Personal data and short scientific CV of applicant
    • Short description of involvement in the respective COST Action (300 words)
    • Relevant data on Conference to which the applicant wants to participate
    • Copy of Abstract submitted to the Conference
    • Proof of acceptance of Abstract by the Conference
  • the selection will be based on a list of criteria (to be defined by the Domain Committee);
  • preparation of a short list of max. 3 applications by Domain Committee;
  • Final decision shall be taken by written procedure by DC Chair and 2 members of the Executive Group of the Domain three times per year for one grant each.

After the Conference, a short written report shall be sent to the COST Office that will communicate it to the DC and MC of the respective Action.

The payment of the grant will be made after approval of the report by the COST Office.